Message from the Chairman

Message from Stephen P. Holmes on our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Stephen P. HolmesAs one of the world's largest hospitality companies across six continents, Wyndham Worldwide embraces diversity in its regular course of business. The people behind our company are as diverse as the broad suite of products and services we offer to leisure and business travelers. Diversity enriches our performance and services, the communities where we live and work, and the lives of our employees and customers.

Respect for others is a core company value that defines our business practices and operating philosophy. We invite every individual regardless of ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation or generation to experience acceptance and the opportunity to contribute at Wyndham Worldwide. We strive to provide opportunity, education, resources, leadership and a voice to every individual we work with so that we can collectively deliver a rewarding, memorable and successful experience.

The Wyndham Worldwide diversity and inclusion strategy includes:

  • Programs designed to increase and leverage diversity in the hospitality industry through hotel ownership and development, vacation ownership and exchange opportunities.
  • A Diversity and Inclusion curriculum with course offering for the entire workforce; including, the Wyndham Worldwide Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Workshop.
  • A host of Associate Business Groups all designed for employees to engage in the business expansion process, networking, personal development and affiliation with colleagues across the business.
  • A diversity recruitment strategy that ensures that all job opportunities are shared with all minority groups, women, veterans, aging workforce and people with disabilities.
  • A global supplier diversity program to increase the company’s network of minority vendors and other diverse suppliers.

Managing diversity and inclusion well is a requirement of a global leader in the hospitality industry. In order to be successful we must understand various cultures, motivate and lead multiple generations, provide ethical leadership, and demonstrate integrity and respect in everything we do.

Embracing and valuing the uniqueness of all of our stakeholders is a key factor to achieving our global business strategy. Wyndham Worldwide appreciates that our differences are the distinctions that make us better and wiser in every aspect of our daily lives and business.

This is the commitment we have made at Wyndham Worldwide so that we can continue to be an exceptional travel partner, a successful company and a great place to work.


Stephen P. Holmes

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer