Wyndham Green Focus Areas

Energy Conservation
Wyndham Worldwide corporate offices around the globe are working together to reduce energy consumption. Through environmental programs that help increase awareness, innovation and teamwork, we are establishing green initiatives that target new, energy-saving alternatives.

  • Change lights to energy efficient bulbs and fixtures
  • Place sensors in public places and guest rooms
  • Use ENERGY STAR® tracking system to measure and reduce energy consumption


Recycle and Re-Use
Wyndham Worldwide green programs are adapting green practices to reduce the amount of glass, paper and plastic waste they generate, from substituting printed correspondence with e-mail, to the addition of single-stream recycling bins, to using FSC-certified recycled paper.

  • Recycle - paper, glass, plastic, batteries, cell phones, lights
  • Recycle guest directories, and other property materials
  • Re-use office paper, binders, paper clips


Water Conservation
Each of the three branches of Wyndham Worldwide is addressing ways to reduce water use throughout its brands and office buildings, by using products and implementing services and environmental programs that promote cleaner water as well as more conservative and efficient consumption.

  • EarthSmart® linen and towel program
  • Install low flow faucets, shower heads, toilets, and appliances
  • Using Ozone Landry System
  • Drip irrigation, drought resistant landscaping
  • Use plants suitable to the environment and promote biodiversity and soil preservation
  • Use EPA WaterSense® certified products


Wyndham Worldwide's global corporate offices are educating staff on the importance of environmental awareness and thinking greener. From informative newsletters to team-building to finding alternative commuting solutions, Green Teams educate and inspire their fellow workers to spread the word about green programs and what they can do to help.

  • Educate guests and employees on environmental issues and their impact on our natural resources
  • Educate how to protect and improve our environment
  • Educate on environmental certification programs
  • Raise awareness of new green technologies
  • Educate on social programs that can benefit the community 


From recycling programs, to purchasing organically grown products, to the construction of a green headquarters building, the favorable impact of our environmental programs and the positive example they set reach far beyond the local level.

  • Work with other green organizations to plant trees or recycle newspapers
  • Donate amenities, linen, and furniture to local charities
  • Develop green programs with local communities like outdoor clean up 



From environmental awareness programs, to nonpolluting heating fuel, Wyndham Worldwide employees are developing and implementing innovative solutions that inspire others to do the same.

  • Green Purchasing: biodegradable laundry bags and recycled key cards
  • Purchase renewable energy
  • Install solar panels for hot water and pool heating
  • Smart Uniform Program - Uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Wyndham ClearAirSM rooms by Pure™
  • Develop innovative programs like Caught Green Handed